Water, what’s the big deal?

Did you know that you can get sick by drinking, or just taking a bath in, water that isn’t clean? I always wondered why Amy wouldn’t let me drink out of some puddles or ponds when we hike. Now I know. Steve thinks it is funny that Amy fills my water bowl with the filtered water from the refrigerator dispenser. She loves me that much! Can you imagine not being able to go to the sink (or refrigerator) for a drink of good water? There are so many places that don’t have access to clean water, even when they are surrounded by the ocean? You can get really sick if you drink that! In fact, 1.1 billion people around the world don’t have access to clean water, AND, half of all hospital admissions world wide are because of water borne illness.  When we are on the boat, we’re going to make sure that people know how important clean water is for everyday life. We are going to teach them easy and sustainable ways to purify their water to get rid of the parasites and bacteria that can make them sick.  Little things that we take for granted are the biggest things that others need for healthy everyday life.

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