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Moving forward toward life as liveaboards on Kaya, our sailboat, and making it to our goal destination of Vanuatu is an enormous logistical challenge.  Kaya is currently finishing her career as a charter boat in Martinique, the Eastern Caribbean.  We will join her there and immerse ourselves in the French culture as we learn about our new home.  This immersion will be helpful in several ways.  Vanuatu is a former French colony.  Amy and Ysa have bit of a learning curve in regards to sailing and boat life. With help from Pierre from Mermer Locations, Kaya’s original home, it should be time well spent. When we leave Martinique we will sail north to the US Virgin Islands (USVI) to spend the spring working and helping the people of USVI and Puerto Rico with their continued rebuild from the devastation of hurricane seasons.  We plan to leave the islands by late summer for the continental U.S. for modifications to Kaya in preparation for her to be a free floating clinic.  Departing the U.S., we will return to the Caribbean and spend time where the greatest need from late summer hurricane season is.  Early fall we will sail for the Panama Canal and cross to the Galapagos and Easter Islands before filling our sails to cross the Pacific Ocean en route to our destination of Vanuatu.  Along the way we will have cabins and space available for you to volunteer and join us.  As we draw closer to readiness for volunteers, a calendar and application process will be added to our website so you can apply and plan to join us and Sail For Good!

Keep following and share.  As always, we’d love to hear from you. Send us any questions or suggestions.

Thanks for being a part of bettering life for others in need! 

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  1. This is wonderful! I have some donations for the auction, I will hold onto them for now, your home is probably full, let me know when it is conveinent for you and I will drop them off! I will put the word out to folks I know in the dental and vision feilds and see what they come up with. It seems it would be hard to tell what you need in a disaster stricken place until you get there. Do you have a specific wish list? Would cash be more usefull than 100 items you have to sort, store pack, move etc?

    1. We will always need supplies. Currently we are working on the largest hurdle, the transportation of supplies from here to our destinations.

      Supplies that we will always need
      Dental-tooth brushes, tooth paste, dental floss
      Vision-glasses(old prescriptions), reading glasses
      Medical supplies-clinic type supplies are most useful-gauze, bandages, tape etc
      Cash will always be in need as we will have to ship supplies and cover expenses of moving equipment. 100% of cash donated will go directly to the moving of equipment, supplies and purchasing of equipment needed to care for the people we are serving!

      Thank you for being amazing and helping!

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