Our Plan

Ready, Set...

We are in full swing building the foundation and direction of Care2Go Sailing’s launch.  We have been in contact with the Ministry of Health (MoH) Vanuatu, as well as begun networking with local medical relief organizations to meet the goals of the Vanuatu 2030 initiatives. Care2Go Sailing has been invited and will be in Vanuatu this November to work out the details of establishing stand alone clinics, a health aid training program and sustainable water filtration systems.  We have approved storage and are building additional connections with other local businesses. So much to do, so little time!  Check our blog and join our newsletter to track our progress.  


Farewell Alaska: January 2019, we left all our friends and jobs in Alaska to work towards Kaya. Before we get all the way to her, we have to make some stops along the way to consolidate supplies and say goodbye to family.  It hasn’t been a short or easy trip. We are currently working in Reno, Nevada as Emergency Room Nurses and visiting Steve’s daughter, Alex.  She is also working as a nurse and is part of the planning and development stages for Care2Go. From here, we will work in Texas and visit Amy’s parents.  After that, Steve will spend one more season guiding sheep and moose hunters in Alaska while Amy works one more nursing contract near her family.

Our goal is to be on Kaya by the end of the year.  We have to sail Kaya to the US to load and ready her to start “sailing for good”. Life is fluid and so our plans must be flexible.  As ocean currents and winds dictateour course, we are set to start in the US and British Virgin Islands to help with the continued rebuild from Hurricane Irma. In this time, we will get well acquainted with Kaya and to fine tune Amy’s sailing skills (Steve is already a capable Skipper). From there we will sail to Puerto Rico and assist with the ongoing rebuild from the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria. The time we’ll get to spend there will depend on weather patterns and sailing conditions.  As of now, we need to be sailing toward Panama by October of 2020. If the needs in Puerto Rico are still great and we can continue to be of assistance we’ll stay and sail another day.  Stay tuned and check our blog and join our newsletter to follow our travels.  

Once across Panama, we are setting our sails for the Islands of Vanuatu.  This is where we are focusing most of our time and energy.  We have been working on elaborate plans in the medical, dental and education fields.  We will need countless volunteers from all walks of life to assist with the tasks ahead.  Join us!  Be a part of something spectacular and amazing!  It will change your life as much as it does the people we are there to help.

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