Life as we know it in Alaska is coming to an end.  I remember when I first thought of coming here for a hunting trip or vacation, even that was just going to be a short trip.  Then was given the opportunity to move here and was exposed to an amazingly beautiful and wondrous place.  It has been just over 10 years, in that time I have done and been exposed to more than I could have ever imagined.  From traveling the state doing Medevac, to the successful hunting and fishing expeditions and all the camping and outdoor activities that took me to some of the most remote and challenging places imaginable.  Not to mention the wondrous, adventuresome people that I have crossed paths with and am now friends.   Yet still I have only scratched the surface of what Alaska has to offer.  Yet our next calling is taking us away.


Alaska is my home, it is the first place I found true peace and love for everything outdoors. The friendships made here will hopefully last a lifetime. The people of Alaska are an adventuresome bunch with extreme outdoor adventurers, world travelers, and eccentrics of all types calling this home.  The pure size of everything from the mountains, fish and mammals, to the vastness of space and extreme environments make this a challenging and rewarding place to live.  Leaving here is overwhelming to say the least.

In less than a month’s time, we will leave Alaska, we are currently packing up what little worldly possessions we can justify taking and climbing in our vehicle to head south and visit with our family before we move onto our boat. We are using our profession to allow us to travel and visit family for a few months.  Once we are on the boat it will be difficult to return except for family’s biggest events.

So to Alaska, our friends and coworkers, THANK YOU!  Thank you for having a profound impact on our lives.  Thank you for showing me what it means to give so freely of yourself.  Thank you for showing me how much more enjoyful life is when you live it without fear.  What it means to have a daring, free and adventuresome spirit.  Thank you for proving that even with having polar differences we can still all come together and celebrate life.  

We will miss all of you and this incredibly beautiful state.  Please, please know you are welcome to join us along the way.

It was even difficult to narrow down to just a handful of pictures for this as there are countless amazing adventures and experiences.  Alaska, you are my home and will always be a part of my soul and most cherished memories!

Thank you!!!!!!!

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