Meeting Kaya

April 11-April 22:  First contact with Kaya.  Our journey started 11:30 pm Alaska time on April 10.  We headed to the airport for an event filled trip to Martinique to meet the final member of our crew, Kaya.  It was an adventure getting there (airline on strike, cancelled flights, suitcase demolished, unplanned overnight in Pointe de Pitre) arriving April 13 at 8:30 am with a wonderful greeting.  Kaya is “practically perfect in every way”!  We spent the week sailing and getting acquainted with her from Martinique to St. Lucia.  When we returned to Martinique, it was a champagne toast with Pierre from Mermer Locations to celebrate and finalize some details of the purchase of Kaya for Care2Go Sailing.  Simply magical!  We got back to Alaska, without any of our luggage, rejuvenated and ready to move forward with full sails.  The magnitude of all that needs to be done is overwhelming and so exciting.  We can’t wait to rejoin Kaya and begin to Sail for Good.  


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