Humanitarian and Disaster Relief

Humanitarian and Disaster Relief

Disaster exaggerates hardship on many levels causing physical, psychologic/emotional, and economic damage including:

What can we do to help?

Housing/Community Resources

  • Cleanup of houses/streets/community buildings
  • Rebuild/restore damaged houses, stores, schools, churches…
  • Build/reinforce safety blockades and shelters
  • Provide materials for emergency shelters and rebuilding


  • Deliver potable water and assist with development of water filtration systems
  • Gather and distribute donated healthy, non-perishable food
  • Provide donated clothing for all ages

Animal Companions

  • Locate and reunite
  • Distribute donated food, medicine, and water
  • Build shade and weather shelters
  • Reinforce the importance and responsibility of spay/neutering

Land Destruction

  • Clean land and irrigation systems
  • Reinforce fencing and shelters
  • Replant and reclaim lost crops/fields/herds

Medical Care

  • Provide and teach First Aid
  • Enlist volunteers 
  • Support basic care organized by local government or relief organizations
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