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It’s really happening!  More than 10 years in the making and now a dream is becoming a reality.  Thanks to meeting a wonderful woman and sharing our dreams and passions, Amy helped propel this idea into motion.  We will be Sailing with Intention very soon.  There is a lot that goes into making radical life changes.  We are quitting our jobs, moving aboard a sailboat and dedicating our lives to the betterment of others in need.  For those that don’t know us yet, we are both registered nurses that have worked throughout hospitals and medevacs for a combined 30 plus years. Along the way, we both had ideas of doing more with our life to help others, especially people without systems like we have here in the United States.

Over the last year we have located the boat, we are currently finalizing the sale and going meet her in person soon. We completed the paperwork and requirements to become a non-profit 501C3 and have been feverishly working to put away money and building networks to put all of this in motion.

Please follow along to learn more.  We will be blogging about our non profit, the boat, diving into who we are, where we are going and expanding upon our plans.

Life is a beautiful journey and we intend to live it to the fullest and use our gifts, skills and training to help those that need it the most! We hope that you find what we are doing intriguing and want to either join us along the way or help keep this going by donating supplies and/or monetary support.  

We intend to be very transparent in our operations so you can see that this journey is truly about helping others in need.  



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  1. Michelle Chewning

    I saw the post about your exciting life mission from Angie Smith and look forward to following your journey ahead. I went on my first medical mission to Haiti last November and will be heading back in May. We were able to open a church, school and clinic and provide basic medical and dental care to a community of about 10,000 people. There is nothing more precious than to give the gift of time and resources to these communities who have never had access to much of anything. I pray you will be safe and blessed as you bless others.

    1. Wow, thats incredible! Keep up the strong work and thank you for the message! Good luck and safe travels on your trip back in May!

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