Passion Breeds Fire

The idea of providing medical relief has been in my mind for years.  Funny enough, I ran into a nurse tonight that I worked with almost 9 years ago.  She has followed our story on Instagram and Facebook and mentioned how she remembered me showing her pictures and discussing what my dream was that long ago.

A couple nights ago, we experienced the most amazing thing ever.  We had our first fundraiser event for our dream Care2Go Sailing.  I marketed hard around town trying to get community involvement. We had ads running, a local evening news story, news paper ads and flyers everywhere.  In the end, a large group of friends provided us with the real meaning behind what we are doing.  It doesn’t matter the size of the crowd.  It is the depth and strength of the heart.  A group of 72 friends provided more energy and more money to our cause than I could have ever imagined.  I felt more love and excitement in front of this group than I know what to do with, that is love, that is friendship!

We are more focused and driven thanks to you, our closest of friends and believers, Care2Go is flourishing and growing each and every day! 

How do we ever say thank you adequately to our more cherished friends and supporters?  Please know your group, your love, your energy, your generosity means more to us than any one of you could ever imagine.

From the absolute deepest part of our hearts and souls……THANK YOU!

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