Boat Dog Training

Our time to live aboard a boat is rapidly approaching.  We are sorting through donated medical supplies, spreading the word and networking with other nonprofit organizations to be able to Sail for Good.  The logistics are overwhelming.  Personally, we will have to adapt to a whole new way of life.  A big part of that is teaching Ysa to love to swim even though she isn’t the biggest fan of water.  When she gets deep enough that it touches her chest she high tails it outta there!  Steve has been getting creative (and daring by stepping into Alaska lakes and rivers)in his teaching methods.  Lets hope it pays off!

Steve coaxing Ysa into the water with her favorite activity, FRISBEE TIME!  The first few throws that went into water chest deep caused a whole lot of barking.


Ysa wouldn’t go in alone.  


I’ve always loved that Dobermans are so elegant.  Her gracefulness was not to be seen that day!  We laughed for days after watching the videos of her splash around like a fish OUT of water.   

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