Steve and Amy

I’m Amy.  That’s Steve.  We met in 2015 at work in an ER in Alaska and our world changed drastically.


Steve grew up in Michigan learning skills from farming, welding, and construction to earning a degree in Electrical Engineering before becoming a business owner, working on community water plant operations, and ultimately working as a nurse.  One of Steve’s many passions is sailing.  He has many hours on the Great Lakes as well as ventures to California and the Caribbean on sailboats of many sizes. 


I grew up in Alaska and Texas and got my RN license in 1995.  Unlike Steve, I spent my younger years land locked.  My first exposure to sailing was in 2017 when the 2 of us spent 10 days on a sailboat.  I remember thinking, “I could live on a boat like that”. 

In our early days, we talked about dream jobs.  Little did I know how closely ours aligned.  My deepest desire was a place for women and children to come to grow and learn about healthcare and other life skills to take back to help their communities.  He echoed a similar calling to reach remote places for disaster relief and to establish health clinics and support them with continuing education and volunteers.  In other words, to Sail with Intention. What a match!   With over 40 years of working ERs, ICUs, Medevac, and remote village education between the two of us, we are ready to move beyond the confines of standard hospital nursing. We are ready to Sail with Intention.


Through the many challenges of acquiring a boat and my complete lack of sailing knowledge, to COVID and its uncertainties, Care2GoSailing is a reality.  The life of Sailing for Good is now!


Ysabeau, Ysa for short, is a 10-year-old Doberman who as morphed into Ysa-boat-dog.  She loves people, frisbees, dinghy and paddle board rides, and long walks on the beach.  She still isn’t crazy about water, but she doesn’t hesitate to dive into a wave after her frisbee.  Ysa welcomes you to Care2GoSaiing and hopes to see you on board.

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