Our Crew

Steve Chmura-121

Amy Bowler

Amy is an RN with 23 years of experience in Emergency Room, Critical Care and Medevac to isolated communities in Texas and Alaska. Amy has always felt the call to serve and to give. She has volunteered in hospital and community programs, coordinated meal deliveries, and travelled teaching healthcare to help improve quality of life for those in need. As a mother, children have always been a focus for Amy. Amy's vision of creating a safe place to offer food and shelter, provide education in personal healthcare and self-sufficiency for women and children has been strengthened by the lack of basic necessities, education opportunities and access to adequate healthcare witnessed in her life at home and her travels. Amy met Steve: the simple question, "What's your dream job?" united the two in the vision of Care2Go Sailing. Ground work quickly began and the passion to serve has grown stronger. Amy is eager to Sail with Intention, to meet and to welcome aboard those who are willing and to live fully her call to give and to serve.

Steve Chmura-166

Steve Chmura

Steve is an RN with vast experience from Michigan to Alaska in Intensive Care Units, Emergency Rooms and Medevac, including outreach to remote Alaska villages teaching health aides and improving care through health clinics. His early years built a broad skill base of farming, welding, construction and fabrication as well as a degree in Electrical engineering and architecture. As a business owner and father, Steve saw the importance of action and joined city council. He was actively involved in community development projects and focused on the water plant gaining knowledge and practical applications of water purification and treatment systems. Medical relief work to remote regions has been a primary focus for Steve for over 10 years. The common vision and similar ideas of outreach Steve shares with Amy aligned and Care2Go Sailing was born.

Ysabeau Bowler

Ysa is a 6 year old lap Doberman.  We often wonder if she is aware she really is a dog.  Ysa love frisbees, tennis balls, fine dining and riding in the truck.  She is stoked to trade in that truck for a catamaran and become a boat dog (she just doesn’t know it yet).  Ysa is healthy, happy and full of life, love and energy.  She is excited to meet new people and welcome them to Care2Go Sailing in person or via email or blog.  Follow Ysa (and us) as she embarks on this great adventure to Sail for Good!