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Care2Go Sailing
Sailing For Good


Care2Go Sailing is dedicated to help improve standards of life for isolated people with limited resources through health and education.  


Care2Go Sailing is committed to improve quality of life by providing and teaching basic health care, dental care and well being.  C2Go Sailing is determined to help bring clean water resources to those without access by location specific development of sustainable water purification systems and by teaching general upkeep and repair.  

Dedicated to providing care and education to others

Sailing With Intention

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Login to AmazonSmile just as you would your regular Amazon account and select account, scroll down until you discover “Your AmazonSmile.”  From there, type “Care2Go Sailing”, now just shop as normal and a percentage of many products purchased on Amazon will go to Care2Go Sailing.  We thank you for your support!

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Who We Are

With over 30 years experience in Emergency, Critical Care and Flight Medicine we have the skills to organize and facilitate a wide variety of care.


Medical Care and Education

Medical Care is just the beginning, medical treatment only resolves an immediate problem, education is the key to sustaining an improved overall well-being. Follow the link to see our plans and goals.

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Catamaran Sailing

A sailboat provides an economical way to gain access to hard to reach places, allows for ample storage and quarters to bring various volunteers along for a wide variety of care.

Would You Like To Donate or Join Us??

Plans In Motion

From a lofty dream to reality, preparation has begun.  We are working hard at finalizing plans to start “Sailing With Intention”.  We are a nonprofit organization (501c3) which gives us greater acceptance to places in need without creating hardship on their limited economical resources.  We have purchased Kaya, a 44 foot Fontaine Pajot catamaran.  Kaya has finished her career as a charter sailboat in Martinique.  She has had a thorough inspection and is a seaworthy live aboard vessel.  She will however need modifications for her life as a medical relief boat in order to accommodate full time crew, volunteers, equipment, supplies, and sanitation/sterilization capabilities.  As Kaya is getting ready, we are too.  We have been fortunate in life to have jobs that have given us great skills, knowledge and freedom in mobility.  We are now closing our full-time careers to help those less fortunate and we have invested much of our retirement into what comes next.  All gifts and donations will be used to help others by helping obtain equipment, supplies  and volunteer support.

Compassion and Care

To give.  To serve.  To teach.  For over 30 years combined, that’s what we have done in the United States.  Now we are reaching out to give, to serve and to teach others who don’t have access to basic health needs and information.  That is the passion that drives us everyday.  Follow us on our blog for more information and updates.  Please email any questions or feedback to help improve life for others.