Care2Go Sailing is dedicated to helping improve the standards of life for isolated people with limited resources through health, education and compassion. 


Care2Go Sailing is committed to bettering the quality of life by providing and teaching basic health care, dental care and well being. C2Go is determined to help bring clean water resources to those without access by location specific development of sustainable water purification systems and by teaching general upkeep and repair.

Partnering with other medical professionals and companies, we plan to build medical facilities, housing and propagate sustainable growing practices. With the help of other volunteers, your generous donations and partnerships with other non-profit organizations, we aim to empower those who have been effected by their environment and less fortunate circumstances.

100% of your generous donations will go towards foreign aid for medical supplies, water filtration systems and basic necessities.

Make An Impact With Your Regular Shopping

We are happy to now be registered on Amazon Smile. For every dollar spent on Amazon Smile, a percentage is donated to Care2Go Sailing. Go to to start giving today. We are thankful for the support!